Youth & Kids at Holy Cross Church

Learn more about what God is doing with the younger generation.

Holy Cross Kids

Our children's ministry is focused on teaching kids about the radical love of Christ. We don't want children to only know about Christ but to experience His presence. Every Sunday morning we teach children about the Biblical importance of worship, prayer, intimacy with God, evangelism and studying the Word. It is our desire to see children encounter the Lord's presence, be transformed to live a holy life and trained to do the works of Jesus outside of the four walls of the church!

High School Youth Group at Holy Cross

The emphasis of our highschool youth group is to train and equip the teenagers to become worshippers of Christ. Before our youth group offically starts on Tuesday nights, there is rehearsal that includes practical instruction for teens to learn and grow in becoming apart of a worship team. After rehearsal there is food and hangout time before the meeting starts at 6:30. Youth group includeds worship lead by teenagers and a bible study to follow.